Crochet top-down sweater by Peppergoose

Learning something new

Unless you know me, you might be surprised that this yarn shop owner is NOT a  good crocheter. It goes way back.  All three of my grandmothers crocheted.(yes, I was lucky enough to know my maternal great-grandmother, too). In fact, a large afghan in progress was the best place to hide while playing hide and seek with my brothers.  They would never look under the afghan while my grandmother was crocheting it.  My maternal grandmother taught me to knit and tried to teach me to crochet - but gave up.  My constant questioning of where do I put my hook got to her, I'm sure.  To this day, those blasted edge stitches and those hidden stitches whose tension is a little off  just frustrate the heck out of me.  Yet so many young people, from elementary school children to those in their 20's and 30's have picked up crochet.  Why ?  I've been told TikTok, but it may be because it is more accessible; one hook and a ball of yarn.  It is easier to rip back if you make a mistake (until you learn how to do it in knitting - then I beg to differ). So when Lynne showed me a top down pattern with video on all the techniques as they are introduced, I was all in.

I love the pattern.   I love the videos.  What a learning process.  This sweater is taking FOREVER !  Granted I have been very busy with other goings on and even if I were knitting a sweater it would not be done.  But I cannot tell you how many times I have ripped back.  I hear myself saying all the things my knitting students have said over the years:  This is like another language.  How was I supposed to know that !  Do I have to rip out ?  Can't you fix it ?  Do you know how LONG it took me to crochet that inch that you want me to tear out ?

I'm a slow crocheter.  I have to watch every stitch, not like when I knit.  It's always hard to do something new or something out of your wheel house,  What I have mostly learned is patience with myself and with others.  It is always good to be reminded what it is like to be a newbie.



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