Free Patterns

A collection of free patterns for those knitting and/or crocheting hats for charity

Crochet Ridgeway Hat

Plymouth Yarn Team Hats & Scarves F215

Encore Child's Worsted Hat, Scarf & Mittens F170

Encore Ribbed Hat F303

Family ribbed hats - crochet

Dreambaby Paintpot Hats

Squarshy Hat

Barley - The Simple Collection

Classic Beanie

Backcountry Hat


Child/Teen Hat - a very abbreviated pattern

Worsted wt yarn doubled

Size 10.5 needle

3.5 sts/inch

CO 56/64 

2X2 Rib 7 in / 8 in


Row 1 * K2tog, P2tog; repeat from * to marker

Row 2 *K1, P1; repeat from * to marker

Row 3: K2tog around.  14 sts / 16 sts

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